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Revenuehits Review:

RevenueHits Review:

Blogging has become a great career and many people are making huge money from it. Money that comes from blogging not only satisfies their basic needs but also some extravagances, isn’t it?
There are many blogger all over the world who have quit their high paying corporate jobs and now swear by blogging. Some of the bloggers I know make over $1000 even before passing out of degree college. If you’re a blogger you too would know a person like this.
Is it that easy to make money blogging? Is is that simple to learn everything there is to learn (in blogging) and start to make money blogging.
Though the blogging world from outside does looks great and glamorous only bloggers know how hard it is to sustain and every decision they make will either increase or hamper their earnings.
There are many bloggers who do rake in lot of traffic to their blogs but what they earn at the end of the day is just $2-$3. Yeah just that much!
I have seen bloggers who bring in 400,000 views daily but making no more than $10.
So where does the problem lies?

If a blogger is able to bring in such huge traffic why the traffic isn’t converting. 

Advertising network blame bloggers that they don’t bring in converting traffic and hence do not make money blogging.
Even the countries in which you live in matters a lot, coming from India means less eCPM and CPC, isn’t it?
This is where Revenuehits comes in, which adjusts according to the traffic on a website.
Lets me show you how RevenueHits is totally different from any other advertising network you’ve
ever worked with and helps make money blogging.

What Is RevenueHits?

RevenueHits unlike other advertising network is a performance based advertising network. It is a CPA based advertising network which pays around $30 in eCPM which helps you make money blogging.
It doesn’t matter what kind of website you have, Revenuehits shows ads/offers depending on the traffic brought by publisher rather than advertisers needs.
Since Revenuhits is a Geo Targeted and Contextual Ad Network, it adjusts according to the traffic your blog receives rather than you bringing in the traffic an advertiser requires.

Is it complicated to put RevenueHits on my Website?

No not at all!
Once you’re logged into RevenueHits dashboard.
Click on ‘Placement’ Tab
Select the ad format that you like. Ad format includes Banners, Popunders, Slider, Shadow Box, Top Banner, 158*21 button and Footer ads.
RevenueHits recommends Shadow Box and so do we for high conversion rates and great revenue.
Once you click on Shadow Box or any other ad type you’d want, Revenuehits asks for ad size and description about it.
Though you may skip the description part but it is highly recommended to fill it, so as advertisers understand what is your purpose behind creating a particular ad or where are you going to place it.
Once everything is done. Click on ‘Save
You can now get the ad code by clicking on ‘</>’ button towards the right. The best part is you even get to preview your ad before you implement it.

How can RevenueHits Pay Me?

This is the most important thing I should tell you. RevenueHits do not pay you on the ad impressions or ad clicks. As I said earlier it is a CPA based i.e. Cost Per Action based advertising network.
Now CPA networks do not pay on impressions or clicks but rather on action that user makes.
Action can be rather anything like visiting a website, user email id or phone number or any such info that advertiser requires from a user but only on users consent.
So you can think that your revenue can fluctuate a lot. Many bloggers based on their interaction on forums say that they make around $50-$60 per day with a traffic of around 10000 and the next day they may make nothing.
Some bloggers using Revenuehits make around $5-$10 per day from first day itself using Revenuehits with a very very less traffic.
But the best part is Revenuehits displays ads based on Geographic location. So if you’re in UK then you wont see ads based on US amazon.
Payment will be rather issued via Paypal, Payoneer or Wire Transfer.
The minimum payout is $20.
To be frank, I am very much impressed by how RevenueHits operate and how this Israeli based advertising network has been able to sustain from 2011 and hold its position.

Will I recommend RevenueHits to my Best Friend?

Yes Surely! Why not? Sometimes I wonder why didn’t I get to know about this network at the start of my blogging career but its never too late for anything and I’d rather enjoy using it.
To be true, no advertising network won’t work if you don’t have high quality converting traffic. As I said, one of my friend having 400,000 visits per day but still making $10 is just because his traffic isn’t converting.
Let me know if you have any queries or question regarding this Performance based, Geo Targeted, Contextual Advertising Network.
                     sign up to become a publisher
I’d be glad to hear from you if you’re already using it! Will love to know your thoughts regarding it.


DNA NEWZ said...

quite interesting article keep it up

Jenny said...

If you do prelanders and stuff , you can grab some visitors with this script to convert bounce and exit traffic into cash.

Henry Obilor said...

Amazing article. Will come in handy soo

Techno Art said...

Informative article

Wisdom Michael said...

I like this revenuehits, can people in Nigeria cash out easily when u get to treashold.

Teona Mango said...

Great post. I have never heard of revenuehits before but I will look it up, looks great!

Dada said...

I have never heard about anything because I just recently started to get serious about it and this Revenuhits sound seriously good! I have zero readers so zero adds so far but when i start to get more viewers I sure will keep in my Revenuhits!

AiringMyLaundry said...

This sounds interesting. I hadn't heard of this before, but now I plan on looking more into it!

Rose Mont said...

This looks like a great tool/resource for many bloggers and businesses. I'm sure that the benefits in the long run are great.

Mudassir Iftikhar said...

Great review but I think adsense great ad network

Christel Arcucci said...

Great tips and resources for bloggers. It easy to pour heart & soul into a blog yet it's essential to create a blig with a solid revenue model.

milica momcilovic said...

So do you use this now on your website? This is the first time I hear about it.

Aasif Jamal said...

Yes, I use this for my site.

Blair Villanueva said...

Thanks for sharing your post. Very helpful guide for bloggers like me.

Aasif Jamal said...

You are right! But Adsense needs approval process and you can use this as a very beginner

Muideen Samuel said...

Nice review but am afraid because they offer native ads

Aasif Jamal said...

No dear.You can choose yourself what ads you want on your website

Kareem Tobi said...

Please can I use it with Adsense??

Jonalyn Macandili said...

Blogging is not as easy as what others think... Yes, many earns a lot from it but it takes a lot and effort before they get there. Good thing there are so many affiliations like this now. Way to earn something especially for beginners. - ANOSA

Aasif Jamal said...

You should be careful to ensure you comply with AdSense policies -- if theads for example wouldviolate policy (sex, adult, inappropriate content) there could be problems -- and more seriously, you should carefully review the rules regarding pop up and under ads.Finally, be aware that cluttering your site with too many ads will harm your search rankings and will result in more loss thangain. While you might be able to use thisservice, you may trade off more than you gain by doing it.

my magical trunk said...

This is a great post for all the bloggers. I am definitely gonna try this and you have explained everything in so much detail. Thanks for sharing.

Dr. Amrita Basu Misra said...

Thank you for this review.I am currently focussing on affiliate work and sposored content .Will keep this in mind if I do ads.

JacQz said...

never heard of revenue hits before, thanks for sharing so that more people are aware!

Kiwi said...

Im a full time blogger. I need to look into RevenueHits for myself.

Aasif Jamal said...

Yes surely, Sign up now..

And start earning.

*_* said...

informative post

Dieter Hovorka said...

i think it is a valid alternative to adsense, as you mention before adsense requires approval

Frankland Jason said...

quite interesting i might give it a try!

DNA NEWZ said...

amazing review given by you good job

Lexie Anime Travel said...

Great post, revenue hits are good to start with when you want to get paid, plus you can extend and optimize your site. thanks for sharing.

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