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Are you the one of those bloggers who are still in the race of making money online and now you wish to get an AdSense account for your site/blog and want to earn good revenue from your site?

I know!
Getting Google AdSense account approved is the desire of every newbie blogger, in fact, of all bloggers.
But it’s not that easy to get Google AdSense account approved for your sites.
The reason is Google is very strict for approving new AdSense accounts because they don’t want to make their great community of publishers and advertisers spammy by approving all kind of sites.
So, it’s not easy to get an AdSense account, but you are lucky because you are here.
Before you start reading this guide, I would like to say, grab a cup of tea (of course, you can take coffee too) and close the Facebook tab so that you can focus here.


No doubt that the Google AdSense is the best blog monetization network.
They are not only best for the publishers, but they are also ideal for their advertisers.
Either you talk about payments or the rates, they pay you in time and provides the highest rates according to your site and niche.
When it comes to the monetization techniques, they are also best in that because AdSense wants to display ads without affecting the user experience on your site.
Since the AdSense is best in all aspects so, all of us are running behind them, and they are making their account approval policies from strict to strict so that only high quality sites can pass.


Although getting an AdSense account is hard, but it is not impossible.
I believe that if you follow the reasons of being getting rejected from AdSense, then you can easily get Google AdSense account approved fast.
Below I have listed the most common reasons for being rejection from Google AdSense.


The most common reason why Google AdSense does not approve sites is that your sites have not sufficient contents.
AdSense needs those sites which have good contents.
If your site has not sufficient contents, then it is impossible for you to get an AdSense account.
Well, AdSense does not state that what is the number of sufficient contents but according to experts saying you must have at least 20 high-quality contents.


The second most common reason for AdSense account disapproval is the site you submitted is not comply with Google AdSense Policies.
It is sure that if AdSense has stated the above statement for disapproving your site, then your site is not following either their webmaster guidelines or their program policies.


Now you have learned the most common reasons for AdSense account disapproval.
Below I will state some important things which you should do before you apply for Google AdSense.


The first requirement of Google AdSense is the quality contents.
You should keep in mind that your contents much be of high quality.


  • Unique and original
  • Informative and comprehensive
  • Have not any grammar mistakes


Having a good number of high-quality posts is also critical.
If your site have few posts, then it is very hard for you to get into AdSense.
Na Na! Please don’t ask about what’s the actual number of posts for applying AdSense?
Well, there is no answer to this question because AdSense itself has not stated this on their policies or anywhere else.
I have seen many bloggers having 100+ blog posts, but they are still not getting AdSense approved.
On the other hand, I also know a few bloggers who have just published 10+ blog post and got Google AdSense account approved.
Why should I say about any other?
I have also got Google AdSense account approved with a site having only five blog posts. Yes, I wrote it right there was only five blog posts, and I got approved.
So, I would recommend you to have at least 20 high-quality blog posts.


Site’s age is the most important AdSense account approval factor.
AdSense want sites which are at least six months old especially sites from third world countries.
If you are from any third world countries, then your site must be at least six months old, and they have clearly stated this on their Eligibility to participate in AdSense page that your site must be at least six months old.


With the increase of mobile devices, the demand for websites on mobiles has been increased.
For example: 97% of the people in the USA uses their cell phone to search the things while they are away from their Laptops.
This is not only in the USA, in fact, it is also in all the other countries.
So, now Google is also focusing on approving AdSene for those sites which are responsive.
It is highly recommended to make your site responsive.
Fortunately, we are at ease because it is not a rocket science to make a mobile site friendly you just need to download a new theme, and that’s it.


Undoubtedly, everyone in this world having their own thoughts on different things.
For example, if you have written an article on How to get Google AdSense account approved then some people may have objection on the material which I have to written here, and some may need help.
By adding a Contact us page, you let your customers and visitors ask you about the information they require.
If you add a professional Contact us page on your blog, then it makes Google rely that you care about your visitors and want to help them.
But it does not cut off by just adding a Contact us page.
You should also include your email address in the contact us page.
The email should be same which you are going to use for applying for AdSense.
If you can afford a professional email like then it is, even more, better because it creates a good impression.


One of the most common mistakes for getting AdSense rejection is that the people don’t include a privacy policy page on their blogs, even if your blog is having everything in it which AdSense requires but not a privacy policy page then your application may be rejected because it is a requirement of Google to have a privacy policy page as privacy page makes sense that you are a real man, not a scam.
The privacy policy is not only important for Google but it’s also make your blog reader aware of your policy that what they should do on your site and what to do not.


Did you read the email Google Sent to you when they reject your site?
They had clearly said that your site should have a clear navigation menu so that your readers can easily find the pages and information they are looking for.
Also, make sure to add a Search bar on the sidebar or at the menu bar because it is also useful for your readers.


There are also a few other pages which are also important although not recommended if you also add these pages it increases the chances of your account approval.
These relevant pages include a neat about us page.
You should write about the author or the blog, about the blog itself.
In the Disclaimer page write all the legal things which are involving in your blog this removes your responsibility from using the other products or services you have listed in your blog.
In the sitemap page link your all blog posts according to their category.


This may be looking odd.
But it is the truth that sites which have faster loading speed have higher chances of getting Google AdSense account approved than the sites which are slow and takes more than 15 seconds to load.
As fast loading sites maintains the better user experience.
According to a survey, you will earn 30% more revenue if your site loads within 5 seconds. (That’s a point to be noted).


AdSense does not approve all kind of contents.
There are certain type of contents which are not accepted in AdSense, and if they found even a single content on your site which is prohibited, then they will never accept your application.


  • Pornography/Adult materials
  • Pirated Content
  • Hacking or Cracking Tutorials
  • Illegal Drugs/Paraphernalia
  • Any Other Illegal Stuff


Before you apply for AdSense remove all other advertisements from your sites which may lead your application for rejection.
Although AdSense allow you to use other Advertisement networks, it is always a better idea to remove other ads.


Don’t worry it is common.
Do you know at present AdSense is rejecting 96% application?
It means 4 out of 100 are getting approved, and you are not one from those 4.
Once again I will say don’t worry because:
There is not the only AdSense to earn money.
There are thousands of other advertising networks on the internet although they don’t pay as much as AdSense you can make something as it is a famous saying:


I hope by following above guidelines you will surely get Google AdSense account approved.
I am waiting for your responses.
Do comment and let me know what you feel after reading this guide?
Did you get your Google AdSense account approved?
Did this guide help you in getting your AdSense?
Of course, I will be euphoric to write back to your comments.
Don’t forget, Sharing is the best thing you can give in return! 


ankur bhalerao said...

i have read your guide top to bottom
it was really good
i am new blogger ,recently started blog.
i think you should visit and give me some tips so i can correct them and get adsense approval.

Jen Temcio said...

I am glad that google has criteria for sites. They should be picky about who they affiliate with and make sure they are not scam or spam sites.

Mom Knows Best said...

So the next question is how much money can you make from these ads? I dont have ads on my website and am thinking, maybe I should

Cassie Spanner said...

I have google ads and when I was originally setting it up it was confusing so I would have found this most helpful! I'm sure others will find the same

Yankee Quipster said...

I got my Adsense account over ten years ago by starting a Blogger account. I don't earn much from it any longer but there was a time I was earning a few hundred bucks a month. Richard B

Charnita Fance said...

I'm so glad I got started waaayyyy back before it was so common. I think it was 2008. It seems so much more difficult now! LOL. However, this guide is extremely handy for newbies.

Stephanie Jeannot said...

This was an affective read. Made me think about some things about my blogs. Thank you!

Kelli A said...

Lots of great information here. I am not a fan of google ad sense but for those who are this will be very helpful.

Michelle Gwynn Jones said...

It never dawned on me that getting approved was so complicated. I have been thinking of ways to earn money with my site -need to think someone.

Kathy said...

Great information here. I never knew it could be difficult to get approved. I had no troubles when I first was approved.

Becky W said...

It's important for places like Google to be particular. Starting out, bloggers need to know this info. You definitely covered all of the different areas in how to get approved. Thanks for sharing this post with us. said...

These are really helpful tips! I agree with that! High quality content is really important!

Kelly Hutchinson said...

I was with Google Adsense for a while. I switched ad networks and am making more money with them. I am happy with the switch.

Natasha Smith said...

This is great information! I could have really used it a few years ago, so I know that it will be helpful.

Parenting Patch said...

I gave up ads on my website over a year ago. I focus instead on great content, which is essential whether you run ads or not!

Danielle said...

Great tips, I set mine up so long ago I have forgotten how to do it when people ask!

daytoday MOMents said...

I have not put any ads on my site, not sure if I'm losing or winning by doing that yet! I have to figure out how to when I find time, and then maybe I will try it out... :/

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Monetizing a blog with ads is such an important step to building an income online. This is a great overview of the process!

Becca said...

I have to confess, Google Adsense isn't something that I'm particularly familiar with. I don't think my blog is quite there yet to need it, but will come back to this post when I do need some pointers :)

1stClassRVadventures said...

This is great information to share! ty google Adsense definitely is something people want to get familiar with !

Marielle Altenor said...

I use Google Adsense when I was just starting out. I barely made any money. Took me a year to get 100$.

Becca Wilson said...

This is such great information. I have never really thought about what it took to get one of the accounts.

Rebecca Swenor said...

These are great tips for getting google adsense approved. do know that I am more apt to read a blog that doesn't take forever to load so I can see the speed of the page loading having a part in getting approved. Thanks for sharing the information.

redheadmomblog said...

This is definitely some great information when it comes to getting approved for Google Adsense. It's a great way to make some extra income.

Ashley Babs said...

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Very informative piece!

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