Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Couchtuner: Features and benefits

Video watching is the greatest entertainment that people can have in this era of technology. It gives you pleasure and snatches you out of boredom. You can load many videos on your mobile or computer and play them according to your mood. If you want to play some videos on the internet, couchtuner is one of the best platforms for that. So, let’s check what the online video sites are.

Online Video Platform

How many times did it happen that you’re wishing to listen to music or watch videos outside thehome, but your device memory was full,and you didn’t have any external storage? Many times, I bet. So, what did you do then? Unfortunately, you didn’t have other options than being bored. Come on! Don’t be upset reminding that awful memory because I’m going to tell you a solution which will never let you feel like that. Yes, online video streaming is the ultimate ailment to kill boredom on such position. Since we all use thehigh-speed interneton our devices, we can easily enjoy it anywhere.
These online video platforms just use service software as abusiness to modify their business and allow the users to access GUI.Onthe basis of workflow and number of registered users, the monthly subscription varies. Not only on the internet, but providers present these platforms also in the streaming markets and set-top boxes.
Initially, there were only a few sites which support this feature of online streaming. But now, theinternet is full of such websites. The examples are YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Popcornflix, Primewire,etc. Today, I’ll discuss the features and details of Couchtuner.


The video streaming websites naturally stream videos like movies and TV shows. Couchtuner is not an exception to them. Similar to a few other platforms, this site is coupled with a third party software that enhances our streaming experience. Since the scales and feature set are responsible for the variation of product quality, Couchtuner offers versatile features.

Exclusive Features

If you’re crazy about watching online videos, you must have some parameters to judge your favorite platform. Hence, couchtuner do have some features to be on that list. When you open this site, you’ll be directly taken to a page where hundreds of videos are placed. The videos are categorized in some arrays such as new releases, TV shows, Movies. Just from the names, you can guess their domains. As examples, you can consider TV shows or web series are aligned in the in the second category,whereas newly released videos and movies are stored in the first and third one. You can also search for desired videos on that website.
Once you click on a video, you’ll find the options of playback, quality settings, screen settings and the name of the publisher. Not only these limited options, but you can also publish or share a video on Couchtuner. Many famous TV shows like ‘Quantico,’ ‘New Girl,’ ‘Olympus,’ ‘Runaways’ and movies like ‘The Island,’ ‘American Pie,’ ‘Titanic’ etc. can be found in this prime video watching platform.
In spite of these features, Couchtunerdoes have some backlogs. For those, your video streaming experience can be hampered. In case, you’re desperate to avoid those, find its best alternatives on Layerpoint.

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